Our values

We strive to recruit ambitious, competitive employees who envision a long and fruitful future with us. For this reason we encourage our staff to follow ambitious goals and constantly improve their skills through our training sessions. Our competitive benefits show that we value each and every employee and are willing to invest in a future together. We strive to make our work environment safe, rewarding and above all a place of personal growth.
Family run and passed on from generation to generation, RBourgeois is a name that garners respect and admiration. We believe that taking pride in your work is the key to success and we want our staff to share the same joy at creating the highest quality products. We see ourselves as artisans, and hope to impart the reverence and the wisdom of our craft with every employee. 
Team work
We promote open communication between employees and management and take steps to make sure that anyone in a leadership role is accessible and open to dialogue. We believe that a tight-knit team based on mutual respect that celebrates diversity will not only be happier but more productive. 
Although we celebrate years of traditional values, we know that it is essential to stay ahead of the times and encourage innovation and creativity in our staff. We are constantly working to implement cutting edge technology in our search for operational excellence. We believe that what differentiates us from our competitors is the superior quality of our products and services and the fact that we encourage the pursuit of excellence in every step along the way.